10 questions to buy better Cloud Applications

10 questions to purchase cloud applications better?

Sooner or later, you will be faced with buying a Cloud application for your company. It is fashionable; it will be recommended. Cloud applications provide more choice and new options than you had before. And you use them for personal use already. But is personal and professional the same use? Will you accept the same small prints in the contract that will bind your department, your business, your company that you accept for yourself? Will your employees, users or colleagues accept them?

Cloud solutions have a lot of strengths and a few specific conditions to run properly for you. We have extracted for you ten major questions to ask your vendor before signing. With those questions, we provide key advantages provided by the Cloud and the behaviors you will to accept when you choose that decision.

We have gathered all those insights in a practical book for busy people. They will provide more details on some buzzwords such as

  • “As much performance as you need”
  • “Always on”
  • Constantly up to date”
  • “Your security and privacy is protected”
  • And more


Go ahead, you are just one click away from better purchases.