2017, a practical year in the Cloud

Everybody talks about the Cloud. But the actual implications of this word are not always very clear. In 2017, Amedrys worked on concrete Digital Transformation.


We have led several implementation project for Cloud Applications. Some aimed at transfering on-premise applications into the Cloud, other at implementing new solutions. It was a good opportunity to switch from traditional projects to newer ones.

A few of our articles about this

Public cloud : they didn’t tell me !!!!

Cloud implementation in weeks or months instead of years: a boast?

4 points dont on ne parle pas sur le Cloud (french)

This year, we focused on SAP Concur and SAP SuccessFactors and notably the Employee Central Module.

Training and Cloud certifications

We have also led, in partnership with Valnaos the training Professional Cloud Service Manager. This training, created by the Cloud Credential Council, provides a complete overview of services in the Cloud, from the definition of the Cloud Strategy to the daily monitoring of activities and to the economic model.

Partnership with Valnaos

Our interview on PCSM training (French)

2017 enabled us to further our Cloud certification program with SAP Success Factors Employee Central for Fabrice Rigaux.This allowed us to grow our knowledge in an operational manner. The target is not for us to directly configure Success Factors but to lead implementation with real proven knowledge.


2017 has given us the opportunity to publish our second book, this time on the Cloud: Purchase Cloud Applications.

The cloud is a real break in the SaaS management. This led us to ask ten key questions to be asked with SaaS solutions. This book has met its first successes and we will consolidate it next year.

And what about 2018 ?

We will continue our path in the Cloud. New articles, new projects, new PCSM trainings.

Beyond, we may build and deliver a Cloud Overview  in One Day as an introduction to SaaS application implementation.