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Cloud application and remote work

Cloud SaaS vendor often put forward that their application can be implemented remotely contrary to on-premise applications. Is that true? And what does it mean to implement a SaaS remotely? Can we implement remotely on-premise applications? Nowadays, many on-premise applications are managed remotely: Infrastructure monitoring and management is outsourced to a team sometimes located thousands […]

2017, a practical year in the Cloud

Everybody talks about the Cloud. But the actual implications of this word are not always very clear. In 2017, Amedrys worked on concrete Digital Transformation. Projects We have led several implementation project for Cloud Applications. Some aimed at transfering on-premise applications into the Cloud, other at implementing new solutions. It was a good opportunity to […]

Public cloud : they didn’t tell me !!!!

Cloud strategy gives us an excellent article on Public Clouds. What are Public Clouds ? they are services provided by a vendor in the Cloud to all customers in the same way (or with the same standard options) . Opposite to it, you find Private Clouds where the customers defines exactly what he wants. In […]

Cloud implementation in weeks or months instead of years: a boast?

Cloud vendors often write and say very loudly and proudly that their solutions can be implemented much faster than on-premise applications. Is it true and under which conditions? The conditions There are four critical conditions: No specifics (or few) No localization (or few already known) No interface to other applications No data migration beyond user […]

10 questions to buy better Cloud Applications

10 questions to purchase cloud applications better? Sooner or later, you will be faced with buying a Cloud application for your company. It is fashionable; it will be recommended. Cloud applications provide more choice and new options than you had before. And you use them for personal use already. But is personal and professional the […]

Partnership with Valnaos

Getting certified is critical today for all professionals. Cloud is a major evolution for company IT. Those two factors have led us to build a partnership with Valnaos to provide the Cloud Service Manager certification by the Cloud Credential Council. Those trainings are, according to us, our best option to work in the Cloud. These […]